5 Reasons Why Fundraising Is Important for Nonprofits

Beyond the standard understanding of why non profit organizations fundraiser, there are actually several tiers that fundraising allows them to do. In this post, we will be looking at several reasons why fundraising is essential outside of just the monetary gain. 


Forces Planning- The initial idea of non profit always stems from a place of goodwill, however most people do not realize the amount of planning that goes into creating and maintaining one. Fundraising forces members to plan ahead and think out how fundraising plans will pan out over the year. 


Teamwork- A disjointed team can easily maneuver the non profit away from the intended  mission as they can become focused on trivial problems. Even after the initial plan has been set, the members need to continue to work together to see the end goal come to fruition. 


Exposes Vulnerabilities- Throughout planning, it will become apparent as to where there are gaps in the resources. For example, if there is a lack of sign ups, then perhaps more people need to put in the marketing group to get the word out about your non profit. While this may seem scary, it can only make your organization stronger as you continue to patch the gaps. 


Creating Partnerships- It does not matter if it is on the local or national level, creating bonds with other groups is a mutually beneficial arrangement. Items like our fundraising cards, provide the opportunity to reach out to local businesses to garner support. In our ‘You Do It’ program, you choose exactly which business you want represented on your brightly colored card. 


Sustainability- No one starts a non profit thinking that within a year or two it will no longer be running. Keeping the organization running and hitting the five, ten, even twenty or thirty year milestones are what all groups hope to achieve. Not only does this signify a commitment to the community you are serving, but it also serves as a testament to the hard work of your members. 


Our discount cards provide the opportunity for large profits to be made on one of our eco friendly cards. They are also ideal for elementary school fundraisers and help to get kids excited about supporting their local community. 

3 Benefits of Fundraising with your Sports Team

Cheerleading, baseball, and football teams are just a few of the many sports that have team fundraisers as part of their kickoff for each season. Some teams choose to fundraise the first month, and others make it a season long practice. Here we will go over 3 benefits of fundraising as a team. 


Friendly Competition- Using products like our fundraising cards make it easy to distribute a set amount of cards to each person. Have each team member set their own personal goal out loud to the group and make sure to keep track of how many cards they sell. Setting an incentive prize for the first to reach, 25, 50, or even 75 cards is a great way to keep the momentum. 


Team Building- Even though you set individual goals, as a team make sure to set your own group goal. Each child will be able to see how their hard work helped the team as a whole. This not only strengthens their bonds off the court, but also on it. They learn how to rely and trust each other which will help them grow together as a team. As they continue to fundraise, they will ultimately recognizing that their individual success is what leads to the team’s success. 


Raising Money- This is the reason why we fundraise to begin with so it makes sense that it rounds out our 3 benefits. Going through sports fundraising ideas to find the one that makes the most profit can be challenging, but our discount cards are the easy solution. The money raised can go to buying snacks, new gear, uniforms or even scholarships to help a fellow teammate to continue doing the sport they love. 


Our fundraising cards are not only easy to store for mom and dad, but can also be personalized to fit your team. With bright colors and an eco friendly option, your unique card reflects your team. They also work to promote local businesses in your area, building your community spirit as well. Consider our bonus program to help take your team to the next level. 

Examples of Businesses for your “You Do It” card

When you make the choice to participate in our “You Do It” program, you are committing to not only supporting your team or non-profit organization but also your local community. More than ever, we are able to understand the importance of going out and supporting local businesses that perhaps we had previously looked over in favor of convenience or perhaps we simply didn’t know they were there. With our “You Do It” program, you now have the opportunity to be able to bring more awareness to your favorite small businesses. Here are several examples of different businesses that you may be able to find in your city to support your discount card.


Local restaurants- The absolute first place you should look to secure merchants is a restaurant. With outdoor seating, take away and in some parts of the country even indoor dining options becoming available, consumers are flocking to local spots. Consider going to your favorite hole-in-the-wall restaurant and starting there. 


Nail salons- A business that has kept busy, nail salons are a favorite spot for a special day out. Not only are most nail salons independently owned and operated, they offer different services that would appeal to customers that are looking to potentially buy one of your discount cards. 


Chain restaurants- Of course we want to support local business more than ever, but getting a recognizable chain restaurant on your card encourages people to go out and use your discount card. Once they see the discount in action, they will be more likely to go out and try the other places that are on your discount card.


Boutique Shops- We love boutique shops not just because of their fun names, but because they offer items that are unique to the area you live in. Whether they sell clothes, jewelry, or a combination of several different item types, a boutique store is sure to get people excited about your discount card.

Any name that is on our brightly colored fundraiser cards is automatically going to gain recognition. People love supporting a good cause and our discount cards allow them to benefit over and over again. We are a great choice for high school fundraisers and look forward to seeing you and your team succeed in fundraising.

Why you should continue to fundraise during the pandemic

It is almost the one year anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic that took the world by storm. Schools were shut down as teachers figured out how to teach online, sports and after school programs were shut down, and small businesses had to close their doors, unsure of when they would be able to reopen. 

Although the pandemic has certainly changed our “normal” we can look ahead to see how it will have shaped us into more grateful, educated, and globally aware citizens. Perhaps one of the biggest positives that has come out of the pandemic is of the awareness of small businesses and the impact they have on our communities. Discount card fundraisers like ours, focus on giving back to the community through spreading awareness not just for local businesses, but for events and groups that are within our local community. 

The way we fundraise may have changed, no longer door to door or asking parents to bring them to work, but it is still important to bring attention to the groups in our areas who are spreading positivity and light through supportive measures. Just because the pandemic has taken the slot for the top story on the news does not mean that there are no other groups who need support, many of whom were in need prior to the pandemic. 

When asking for support during these times, make sure to communicate with a good story that shows not only the intention behind your asking but also how their monetary support will bring something wonderful to the community you share. Your pitch should be simple, organized and you should be prepared to answer any questions they may ask about your organization. Should they choose to support you, remember to say thank you and invite them to maybe visit your website where they can see what you do with the money you receive from fundraising. 

Finding good school fundraising ideas is made easy with our discount cards. We focus on using our small business to support other small businesses within the community. 

3 Benefits of School Fundraisers

Many schools are starting to welcome back students in person or through a hybrid online learning format. Bringing these two sections of the student body together is important. Doing a schoolwide fundraiser is a great idea and there are many benefits of doing so. 

Unites the Student Body 

From kindergarten to seniors in high school, the student body is united in a common goal when they fundraise. Whether it’s raising money for a new basketball court or going to a scholarship fund, when it’s a cause the students care about, they are more likely to go out and sell the item.  Creating little competitions within the student body like juniors vs seniors also provides incentive. 

 Academics in Action

Skills like money, addition and multiplication are taught in some form at every level. These skills can be applied throughout the fundraising process. For younger grades,, set a target goal for your class and then have them add marbles to a jar for each item they sell each week. They get to see the marbles grow and it also shows them addition in a way they can understand. For grades that are doing multiplication, if each student sells 5 items, how many will the class have sold? Bringing classroom skills into real world scenarios is a great way to remind students of how their education will benefit them in the future. 

Brings the Community Closer

Fundraising brings awareness to the wonderful education that is within your community. Local schools have the opportunity to show school pride when they talk with others about their fundraiser. Products like our fundraiser cards take it an extra step further. In addition to having eco-friendly options, our cards are created with local businesses on them. When purchased, they not only support the school with maximum profit, but also create further incentive to go and support local small businesses. In times like these, this is more important than ever. 

Take a step in the right direction when you create fun fundraising opportunities for your students. Incentives like free dress, cafeteria coupons, or maybe even school spirit shirts are ways to boost morale within your student body. For the athletic department, our discount cards are also a great sports fundraising idea

7 Holiday Fundraising Strategies for Nonprofits

Retailers are not the only ones who are into their busy season. Nonprofits like yours are too. In fact, some studies show that non-profits raise up to a quarter of their donations during November and December. Make sure your organization take advantage by using these effective fundraising strategies.

  • Share stories with potential donors: Create a blog post and focus on a personal story of how a donation can impact your cause. People love human interest stories and you can take advantage of this by focusing on one family or upon an individual. 
  • Start planning early: Don’t wait until November or December to start planning. Remember that you will have a LOT of competition this time of year and the best way to deal with this is to start planning your strategy as soon as you can. 
  • Work on increasing online donations: Try to increase your online donations by increasing your social media presence, making it easier for donors to contribute and by communicating your goals as effectively as you can. 
  • Be transparent: Let your potential donors know exactly how their gifts will be used. People tend to distrust organizations that are vague about their goals as this is a tip off that a particular organization may be a scam. You do not want to be confused with one of the many schemers out there.
  • Host and promote events: Consider hosting a few events during this time of year. Yes, you will have plenty of competition but it may turn out to be worth the time and effort to do so. Inform your past donors of these events and post a notice on social media giving details of your activities.
  • Create a gift catalog: Create the equivalent of an online flyer to encourage potential donors to make a donation. Use email to advertise your gift guide and link to it online. Social media can prove very useful for this purpose.
  • Coordinate your efforts with local retailers: As we said, retailers are busy this time of year too. Here is where fundraising coupon cards and fundraising discount cards can come in handy and you can partner with local retailers.  

Discount card fundraising is the easy and effective way to raise funds for your school. Our fundraising coupon cards are decorative and practical items that can help schools raise money for cheerleading teams, sports teams, schools, churches and other non-profit organizations. 


4 Tips for Avoiding Holiday Scams and Scammers

The holidays are a time to be of good cheer. However, it is also the season when scammers of all types come out of the woodwork to take advantage of the spirit of giving that many of us have. And while we are not trying to be Grinches, it is in the best interest of you and your potential donors to know how to avoid grifters. Below are four tips for spotting a fake charity, so that you and your potential donors can avoid getting victimized this holiday season.

  • Research charities before you donate: Research the charity you are considering donating to before you make a commitment. In this day and age, it is quite easy to find information online about anyone or anything. This can be a double edged sword. However, when it comes to making sure that your donation counts it is a good thing. Do an Internet search and ask the people raising funds as many questions about their organization as you can think of. Expect the same of donors who are considering supporting your cause.
  • Verify all phone numbers and contact info for charities: If you need to contact the charity you are considering supporting then it should be easy. Contact the charity by phone and check their official website to see if the number you have is legitimate.
  • Avoid charities that are vague about their mission: Legitimate charitable organizations should be transparent and forthcoming about whom they are, their mission statement, and how and where your donation will be spent. In fact, they should be eager to give you this information in detail. Fraudulent charities will not be. Avoid the latter.
  • Do not give personal information out to those who you do not distrust: Scammers will often try to obtain as much personal information about you as they can. They may even send out phishing emails to steal your passwords, credit card information, etc.

Common Holiday Scams:

Delivery scams: This scam involves scammers sending out phishing emails disguised as UPS, FedEx or U.S. Postal Service notifications of incoming or missed deliveries. Their links lead to pages where they ask for personal information.

Travel scams: Nearly 2 in 5 Americans plan to travel during the holidays in 2020. Spoof booking sites offer travel deals that look too good to be true.

Letters from Santa scams: With this type of scam fraudulent fundraisers will scavenge personal information about you or, worse, your kids or grandkids, using the legend of old St. Nick. 

Our discount fundraising cards are a safe and effective way to raise money for your cause and to reach out to local vendors and to the community. You can use them for elementary school fundraising and for a variety of other causes. Stay safe and be careful this holiday season.  

5 Back-to-School Fundraising Ideas

Yes, the kids are back in school after their long summer off. At the same time, it’s time to start focusing on back to school fundraising to fund their organizations and groups. The challenge is selecting an idea that helps energize kids, rally parents and inspire the business community. If you haven’t yet decided on a fun, unique back to school fundraiser for your school, here are five successful ideas to get you started.

  • Pumpkin sale: With Halloween rapidly approaching, nothing says fall better than pumpkins. Consider ordering pumpkins in bulk online and reselling them to offices and other places to raise money for your child’s school project. With this idea you can make money for your child’s school and they will have fun turning pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns. 
  • Pumpkin Carving/ Decorating Contest: Speaking of pumpkins, why not hold a pumpkin carving/decorating contest as the big night approaches. You can raise money by asking participants to pay a nominal fee to compete. You can then choose to give the winner some small prize and bragging rights. Just be sure to heavily supervise the kids as the pumpkins are being carved. 
  • Sport-a-thons: As the new school year begins, so too does school sports and the need for uniforms, equipment, and transportation to special events, and so on. So, why not hold some kind of sport-a-thon be it bowl-a-thon, swim-a-thon, hoop-a-thon, etc. Sports based events are always a good idea because they encourage physical exercise from your children and they are fun for the entire community.
  • Stop the Bugs: One unique idea is to sell bug-repellent that contains no harmful chemicals (to humans). These repellents contain cedar as a natural ingredient and can be found online in other places. Other natural bug repellant that causes no harm to humans and that do not require a license to sell include cinnamon oil, mint, Lemon eucalyptus oil, etc. 
  • Back to School Carnival: If you can really afford to go big why not hold a back-to-school carnival complete with a bouncy house, games, refreshments, etc. To raise money, ask for donations and entrance fee or charge a fee per activity.

Finally, one way to raise money for elementary school fundraisers all year round is by using our discount card fundraising site. Simply connect with local businesses who are interested in supporting your cause. The card serves as a sort of ticket and makes it possible for holders to get discounts on specific goods and services from participating merchants. Nothing could be simpler. You even get to design the cards you will be selling based on that merchant’s products/services.

6 Ways Your Nonprofit can Increase Community Engagement

As a nonprofit organization, it is important to be engaged and relevant to your local community. In fact, the degree to which the community is engaged in your fundraising campaign can mean the difference between success and failure. To stay true to your local roots, you should use these ways to better engage with your community and to get the volunteers and donations your nonprofit needs.


  • Participate in local events: Nearly every city offers local events such as festivals, parades, etc. These events often involve local businesses as well. Take these opportunities to get a booth at these kinds of events and engage with the public and with local businesses. You can even choose this time to promote our discount card fundraising cards to local merchants.

  • Inform your neighbors: Consider hosting an event or training seminar to practice how your volunteers will approach the public. Make sure that everyone on your staff is passionate about your cause and is not afraid to solicit the public.

  • Become involved with other causes: Don’t just be concerned with your own cause. Show the community that you care about its overall welfare by engaging with other causes that are for the betterment of the neighborhood. In other words, be consistent about promoting opportunities for giving and volunteering.

  • Engage with community leaders: Today marketing is all about appealing to leaders and influencers. Show community leaders that you can provide value to them and they may be more likely to form a partnership with you.

  • Engage others on social media: If there are groups online that are specific to your community then take the opportunity to join them and engage with its members. This way you will be allowed to post videos and images related to your cause.

  • Treat donors and sponsors as partners: Be honest and transparent with donors and sponsors about the resources you have and will need to meet your goals, what the funds will be used for and anything else related to your cause. This will help you maintain healthy relationships with the community at large.

If you have an elementary school fundraisers you are planning or any other event, you can use these tips in order to improve your campaign. You can also do so by providing people with one of our fundraising coupon cards.   

6 Ways Your Nonprofit can Measure Fundraising Success

One way to measure the success of your fundraising effort is by the sheer amount of money you’ve raised. Seems pretty obvious, doesn’t it? Well, measuring the success of a fundraising campaign can be a little more complicated than that. While there are endless ways to look at your data, you can use these 6 indicators to truly gauge your fundraising success:

  • Return on Investment: It’s not just how much money you’ve raised with your fundraising efforts. This amount has to be weighed with how much you put into it. This is known as Return on Investment (ROI). The specific formula is: ROI = Total Revenue/Total Expenses. 
  • Average Gift Amount: If your average gift size goes up, more people are giving larger amounts. This metric is calculated using the following formula: Average Gift Amount = Total no. of Gifts/Total no. of Donors.
  • Donor Retention Rate: This is the number of donors you have engaged with from year to year. Ideally, this number should go up or at the very least to remain steady. A sharp decline in this number should set off the alarm bells with your team.
  • Fundraising team health: If you are managing teams, it is important to ask yourself the following questions at the onset of a campaign: What is the average size of a team? What is my retention rate for team captains and team members? What is the average amount raised by all teams? 
  • Conversion rate: Your conversion rate lets you know how successful a specific tactic was for you. For example, a bake sale where 100 potential donors attended would have a 30% conversion rate if only if only 30 bought your baked goods. This is an excellent way to find out which tactics work and which ones do not.
  • Growth rate: This metric compares how well your results are over time. Has the amount of money you’ve raised increased, flattened or declined based on previous years? Here, you’ll want to look at the number of contributing donors year-over-year and compare the dollars raised from one year to the next.


Whatever data you take apart, the important thing is to take the time needed to do it effectively. If it is measured and examined strategically, the data can help you increase the effectiveness of your campaigns and give you a path forward. We can help you with discount card fundraising. Our cards for elementary school fundraisers are customizable and help you engage merchants to help you raise funds for your cause.