3 Benefits of Fundraising with your Sports Team

Cheerleading, baseball, and football teams are just a few of the many sports that have team fundraisers as part of their kickoff for each season. Some teams choose to fundraise the first month, and others make it a season long practice. Here we will go over 3 benefits of fundraising as a team. 


Friendly Competition- Using products like our fundraising cards make it easy to distribute a set amount of cards to each person. Have each team member set their own personal goal out loud to the group and make sure to keep track of how many cards they sell. Setting an incentive prize for the first to reach, 25, 50, or even 75 cards is a great way to keep the momentum. 


Team Building- Even though you set individual goals, as a team make sure to set your own group goal. Each child will be able to see how their hard work helped the team as a whole. This not only strengthens their bonds off the court, but also on it. They learn how to rely and trust each other which will help them grow together as a team. As they continue to fundraise, they will ultimately recognizing that their individual success is what leads to the team’s success. 


Raising Money- This is the reason why we fundraise to begin with so it makes sense that it rounds out our 3 benefits. Going through sports fundraising ideas to find the one that makes the most profit can be challenging, but our discount cards are the easy solution. The money raised can go to buying snacks, new gear, uniforms or even scholarships to help a fellow teammate to continue doing the sport they love. 


Our fundraising cards are not only easy to store for mom and dad, but can also be personalized to fit your team. With bright colors and an eco friendly option, your unique card reflects your team. They also work to promote local businesses in your area, building your community spirit as well. Consider our bonus program to help take your team to the next level. 

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