3 Benefits of School Fundraisers

Many schools are starting to welcome back students in person or through a hybrid online learning format. Bringing these two sections of the student body together is important. Doing a schoolwide fundraiser is a great idea and there are many benefits of doing so. 

Unites the Student Body 

From kindergarten to seniors in high school, the student body is united in a common goal when they fundraise. Whether it’s raising money for a new basketball court or going to a scholarship fund, when it’s a cause the students care about, they are more likely to go out and sell the item.  Creating little competitions within the student body like juniors vs seniors also provides incentive. 

 Academics in Action

Skills like money, addition and multiplication are taught in some form at every level. These skills can be applied throughout the fundraising process. For younger grades,, set a target goal for your class and then have them add marbles to a jar for each item they sell each week. They get to see the marbles grow and it also shows them addition in a way they can understand. For grades that are doing multiplication, if each student sells 5 items, how many will the class have sold? Bringing classroom skills into real world scenarios is a great way to remind students of how their education will benefit them in the future. 

Brings the Community Closer

Fundraising brings awareness to the wonderful education that is within your community. Local schools have the opportunity to show school pride when they talk with others about their fundraiser. Products like our fundraiser cards take it an extra step further. In addition to having eco-friendly options, our cards are created with local businesses on them. When purchased, they not only support the school with maximum profit, but also create further incentive to go and support local small businesses. In times like these, this is more important than ever. 

Take a step in the right direction when you create fun fundraising opportunities for your students. Incentives like free dress, cafeteria coupons, or maybe even school spirit shirts are ways to boost morale within your student body. For the athletic department, our discount cards are also a great sports fundraising idea

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