5 Fundraising Ideas for Teams

Is your school sports team in need of new uniforms or equipment? Do you need a way to fund team travel expenses? Are you at your wits end trying to figure out how to use the camaraderie you already have to raise funds? Well, if you are you have a problem that is common to teams that are trying to raise money. Make a resolution in the New Year to come up with newer and more inventive ways to raise funds. Below are some ideas to get you off to the right start.

  • Fundraiser Discount Cards: Fundraising discount cards are an easy way to raise funds for your organization, give a shout out to sponsors and give back to the community. Few fundraising activities can claim to accomplish all three goals. Our school discount cards allow users to receive discounts on specific goods and services from participating sponsors. You design the cards and distribute them helping both your sponsors and your community. They are a win-win situation for all. fundraiser card
  • Hold a “Rent-an-Athlete” event: In addition to our fundraising cards, you can try hiring out individual ream members to do specific tasks for donors such as mowing lawns, cleaning gutters, babysitting and dog walking. You can charge by the hour or by tasks as long as you engage community members and remind them why you are raising funds.
  • Partner with a local restaurant: Most restaurants will gladly partner with sports teams to help them raise money. Simply contact the manager of the most popular restaurant in your community and ask if you can host a sports team fundraiser. Work on the details with the manager and then invite as many people there as you can to support you. Chances are you may even get a write up in the local newspaper.
  • Organize a Pitch-a-thon: One fun way to raise funds is for sports teams to hold a pitch-a-thon. Charge a nominal fee for people to pitch a ball to see how fast it will go (use a radar gun for this). The best thing about this is that you can use a baseball, soccer ball or even ride a bike so all kinds of teams can sponsor this kind of activity.
  • Create and sell calendars: The New Year is rapidly approaching and there are people who still have not gotten a 2019 calendar. Get someone who is good at taking pictures to create a calendar of the team players and sell this around the community.

The possibilities are really endless once you put your mind to it. Hold a brainstorming session with your team members to decide the best tactics to use in order to raise money.

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