5 Reasons Why Fundraising Is Important for Nonprofits

Beyond the standard understanding of why non profit organizations fundraiser, there are actually several tiers that fundraising allows them to do. In this post, we will be looking at several reasons why fundraising is essential outside of just the monetary gain. 


Forces Planning- The initial idea of non profit always stems from a place of goodwill, however most people do not realize the amount of planning that goes into creating and maintaining one. Fundraising forces members to plan ahead and think out how fundraising plans will pan out over the year. 


Teamwork- A disjointed team can easily maneuver the non profit away from the intended  mission as they can become focused on trivial problems. Even after the initial plan has been set, the members need to continue to work together to see the end goal come to fruition. 


Exposes Vulnerabilities- Throughout planning, it will become apparent as to where there are gaps in the resources. For example, if there is a lack of sign ups, then perhaps more people need to put in the marketing group to get the word out about your non profit. While this may seem scary, it can only make your organization stronger as you continue to patch the gaps. 


Creating Partnerships- It does not matter if it is on the local or national level, creating bonds with other groups is a mutually beneficial arrangement. Items like our fundraising cards, provide the opportunity to reach out to local businesses to garner support. In our ‘You Do It’ program, you choose exactly which business you want represented on your brightly colored card. 


Sustainability- No one starts a non profit thinking that within a year or two it will no longer be running. Keeping the organization running and hitting the five, ten, even twenty or thirty year milestones are what all groups hope to achieve. Not only does this signify a commitment to the community you are serving, but it also serves as a testament to the hard work of your members. 


Our discount cards provide the opportunity for large profits to be made on one of our eco friendly cards. They are also ideal for elementary school fundraisers and help to get kids excited about supporting their local community. 

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