5 Ways to Thank Your Donors

“Hem your blessings with thankfulness so they don’t unravel.” ~ Author Unknown

Fundraising is about more than just soliciting for and accepting donations. It is also about building relationships with your donors, the surrounding community and your volunteers. When it comes to donors, there is no better way to solidify your relationship with them than by expressing your gratitude for their support. After all, they had a wide range of causes they could have given to and they chose yours. So, what are some effective ways to thank donors? Here are 5 ways to recognize your donors.

  • Publicly thank them: You can do this from the pulpit, at groundbreaking ceremonies, banquets, or anywhere there is a large gathering of people. This not only lets donors know you appreciate them; it is also great PR for the business you are thanking.
  • Send a handwritten note: Handwritten letters really stand out in today’s digital age. They can show that you made a special effort to acknowledge your donors. Moreover, hand written letters are inexpensive and relatively easy to produce. Finally, sending a handwritten letter gives you the chance to update your donors on the status of their donation and the progress of your cause.
  • Reward them with a meal: Breaking bread with donors is excellent opportunity to get some face time with your supporters and foster the long lasting relationship we spoke of in the beginning of this post. Moreover, you can treat donors to a meal without it being very expensive. You can, for example, arrange to have a cozy and informal lunch with them.
  • Put a contributor section on your website: Let the world know what great people your donors are by placing a contributor’s section on your website. Add links to your fundraising site so that others can be guided to their site thus increasing their traffic as an added bonus for them.thank you card
  • Use the power of social media: Create a gift thanking your donors and supporters. This way your message of gratitude can circulate and been seen my thousands if not millions of people. Your donors will appreciate the thought and the attention they will receive for supporting so worthy a cause.

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