6 Ways Your Nonprofit can Increase Community Engagement

As a nonprofit organization, it is important to be engaged and relevant to your local community. In fact, the degree to which the community is engaged in your fundraising campaign can mean the difference between success and failure. To stay true to your local roots, you should use these ways to better engage with your community and to get the volunteers and donations your nonprofit needs.


  • Participate in local events: Nearly every city offers local events such as festivals, parades, etc. These events often involve local businesses as well. Take these opportunities to get a booth at these kinds of events and engage with the public and with local businesses. You can even choose this time to promote our discount card fundraising cards to local merchants.

  • Inform your neighbors: Consider hosting an event or training seminar to practice how your volunteers will approach the public. Make sure that everyone on your staff is passionate about your cause and is not afraid to solicit the public.

  • Become involved with other causes: Don’t just be concerned with your own cause. Show the community that you care about its overall welfare by engaging with other causes that are for the betterment of the neighborhood. In other words, be consistent about promoting opportunities for giving and volunteering.

  • Engage with community leaders: Today marketing is all about appealing to leaders and influencers. Show community leaders that you can provide value to them and they may be more likely to form a partnership with you.

  • Engage others on social media: If there are groups online that are specific to your community then take the opportunity to join them and engage with its members. This way you will be allowed to post videos and images related to your cause.

  • Treat donors and sponsors as partners: Be honest and transparent with donors and sponsors about the resources you have and will need to meet your goals, what the funds will be used for and anything else related to your cause. This will help you maintain healthy relationships with the community at large.

If you have an elementary school fundraisers you are planning or any other event, you can use these tips in order to improve your campaign. You can also do so by providing people with one of our fundraising coupon cards.   

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