6 Ways Your Nonprofit can Measure Fundraising Success

One way to measure the success of your fundraising effort is by the sheer amount of money you’ve raised. Seems pretty obvious, doesn’t it? Well, measuring the success of a fundraising campaign can be a little more complicated than that. While there are endless ways to look at your data, you can use these 6 indicators to truly gauge your fundraising success:

  • Return on Investment: It’s not just how much money you’ve raised with your fundraising efforts. This amount has to be weighed with how much you put into it. This is known as Return on Investment (ROI). The specific formula is: ROI = Total Revenue/Total Expenses. 
  • Average Gift Amount: If your average gift size goes up, more people are giving larger amounts. This metric is calculated using the following formula: Average Gift Amount = Total no. of Gifts/Total no. of Donors.
  • Donor Retention Rate: This is the number of donors you have engaged with from year to year. Ideally, this number should go up or at the very least to remain steady. A sharp decline in this number should set off the alarm bells with your team.
  • Fundraising team health: If you are managing teams, it is important to ask yourself the following questions at the onset of a campaign: What is the average size of a team? What is my retention rate for team captains and team members? What is the average amount raised by all teams? 
  • Conversion rate: Your conversion rate lets you know how successful a specific tactic was for you. For example, a bake sale where 100 potential donors attended would have a 30% conversion rate if only if only 30 bought your baked goods. This is an excellent way to find out which tactics work and which ones do not.
  • Growth rate: This metric compares how well your results are over time. Has the amount of money you’ve raised increased, flattened or declined based on previous years? Here, you’ll want to look at the number of contributing donors year-over-year and compare the dollars raised from one year to the next.


Whatever data you take apart, the important thing is to take the time needed to do it effectively. If it is measured and examined strategically, the data can help you increase the effectiveness of your campaigns and give you a path forward. We can help you with discount card fundraising. Our cards for elementary school fundraisers are customizable and help you engage merchants to help you raise funds for your cause.  

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