7 Ideas to Heat up Your Summer Fundraising

Summertime and fundraising seem to go hand in hand. Unfortunately, some fundraising groups experience a drop in donations at this time of year. However, fear not. So, whether your group is experiencing such a decline or not, we have ideas that will heat up your summer fundraising efforts in time for the trip back to school.

  • Car Wash: Car washes are one of those easy school fundraisers that are fun and helpful. More people are out and driving in the summertime and that means more potential donors to your cause.
  • Bike-a-thon: Talk about events that are both helpful and fun, bike-a-thons also promote physical fitness. Have participants join teams and ride for your cause. Parents can ride with kids, husbands with wives, etc.
  • Fun Run: Marathons are an excellent occasion to raise money by soliciting sponsors for each kilometer/mile run. They, like bike-a-thons, are also a good way to promote physical fitness and well being and to get to know your neighbors.
  • Pool Party: Team up with your local YMCA or similar organization and hold a casual pool party for great summer relief and to raise money for your cause. Charge for entry and invite plenty of guests. You may also wish to hold summer games of some sort and have the whole affair sponsored by a local business. (See the post on soliciting sponsors for your event.)
  • Community Yard Sale: Everyone loves a good bargain. Yard sales are a great way for people to get rid of items they no longer want but still may be useful to others and for fundraisers. A yard sale is also a great way to involve the entire community in your fundraising efforts.
  • Bake sales: Bake sales have been used for countless years to raise funds for a good reason – they work. All you need to do is to get people who love to cook together with people who love sweet treats and you will have a hit.fundraising
  • Book fairs: Many people have the goal of finishing a book or books on their summer list of things to do. You can foster the love of reading and raise money at the same time.

These are just a few ideas for summer school fundraisers. We are sure that you can think of plenty of other ways too. Another is to use our discount card for fundraisers. These allow you to ramp up your summer fundraising in a simple and effective way.

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