7 Tips to Implement for Successful Spring Soccer Fundraising

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Great Tips For Soccer Fundraising


While it seems like this winter will never end, the truth is, spring is just around the corner. While this might just seem like cheerleading, the reality is, now is the time to start fundraising for your soccer league so that you are ready to bound into Spring as soon as it is upon us.
Rather than give into the Winter Blues, use this time to plan for a productive spring.  Research shows that spring fundraisers are the most successful, and you should be a part of that trend.  There is no time better than now to start planning a successful spring fundraiser for your Soccer league.

Spring represents new beginnings and a fresh start – and it is a great time for people to commit to supporting your soccer organization!  Take advantage of the fresh spring air to recruit new volunteers, new supporters, and new members for your organization.  Most importantly, plan ahead to make certain that this spring you will be able to sow a solid foundation for your organization throughout the year.


As the winter moves on and the planning turns up for spring, here are 7 tips to implement for successful fundraising from the experts @ http://scholars-discount-card.com/

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Spring Soccer Fundraising Tips For Success


1) Start Early and Have a Plan: Now is the time to start planning your Soccer Spring Fundraiser. You should be getting your group together, sharing ideas, and start writing a plan by Mid-January. Many fundraisers take 4 to 6 weeks to implement. Remember, the early bird gets the worm. At the least, you should have a meeting with your core fundraising group. The fundraiser you pick will determine the success or failure of your Spring Soccer Fundraiser.

2) Communicate Regularly: Communicate with your volunteers and donors via regular newsletters that highlight your fundraising organizations’ accomplishments, updates, new & ongoing campaigns. Ongoing communication creates a bond a bond with volunteers and supporters. This will keep your mission fresh in their mind and build loyalty. Ask your supporters how often they want to receive your newsletter and listen to them. It is standard every newsletter should feature a “donate” button, but every newsletter should not be a formal ask.  Am formal ask should be included in newsletter as you are about to launch a new Soccer Fundraising Campaign.


3) Outline your Impact: Savvy donors don’t like to throw money at a problem that has no identifiable solution stated. Be clear what the problem is and what the solution is!  Donors want to know where the money is going and how their money will help your organization. We encourage clients to set their donation amounts to tangible items or solutions “x dollars will buy a new soccer goal,” “x dollars will send a child to soccer camp,” .Be creative the way you structure your soccer fundraising message and don’t be afraid to state your organizations last year’s accomplishments. Cover all the good you’ve done since your last soccer fundraising campaign or an event. Do not be afraid to ask for help and money.

4) Focus on Building and Strengthening Your Community: It is important you have community a strong community around your organization is which is the backbone to your success. Your community includes donors, volunteers, members, parents, teachers, patrons, and the community at large People have become part of your community because your organization interests them. They have given of their time or their money because they want to see your soccer organization prosper. It is important genuinely engage with your entire soccer community because there is strength in numbers for your soccer organization. Engage with this people so you turn them into advocates for your cause in the community and can reach out to potential volunteers and donors so you can grow both bases… Take care of each member of your soccer group and encourage and listen to them for valuable feedback that will help you as you grow.

5) Audit and Clean up Your Website: Your website is the face of your fundraising organization online and could be the first impressions your fundraising organization makes on a new volunteer or potential donor. A nonprofit website is crucial to the overall message you sent to the community. A good website can make or break a community’s perception of your soccer fundraising organization. Your website will impact whether people chose to support you or not support you… Review and Audit your existing website.1.) Make sure the site has no coding errors 2.)Vital components are integrated and pleasing to the eye. 3.) Your ‘Donate’ button is easy to find, functions properly and is on the first page; 4) Make sure your content clearly states your purpose, mission, and urgency of your organization to raise funds on the first page. 5.), Include links to volunteer plus donor experiences and stories; 6) Make sure your website is clean, easy to navigate, and provides a positive user experience ; 7) Optimize your website for viewing across all mobile devices. Over 50% of traffic is coming from mobile devices and tablets – So do not overlook this opportunity.


6) Say Thank You To Everyone: “Thank you” – are two very simple but the most powerful words a soccer fundraising group can use.  There are many ways an organizations can associate a “thank you” to their community of supporters. Holding formal events or casual meetings are great ideas to express your thanks. With technology we can keep in touch and numerous ways to show your appreciation. Facebook and Twitter are great tools to utilize thank both groups and individuals for their time and energy. Post photos with volunteers and supporters, tag them so their friends and family can view them. Show your appreciation to individuals who went the extra mile. Show appreciation for even the smallest acts furthers helps promote your mission. This small “Thank You”, leaves a lasting, positive online impression that makes a huge difference.

7) Move the Fundraising Strategy Online: We cannot state the importance of online giving and social media enough so focus on your online message. Moving your soccer fundraising strategy from direct mail, to email , and to online will give you greater reach, Greater reach means you be more effective and touch more life’s. Now is the time to plan your Spring Soccer Fundraiser, so clean up your strategy and start raising more money.

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