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3 Benefits of School Fundraisers

Many schools are starting to welcome back students in person or through a hybrid online learning format. Bringing these two sections of the student body together is important. Doing a schoolwide fundraiser is a great idea and there are many benefits of doing so.  Unites the Student Body  From kindergarten to seniors in high school, the […]

7 Holiday Fundraising Strategies for Nonprofits

Retailers are not the only ones who are into their busy season. Nonprofits like yours are too. In fact, some studies show that non-profits raise up to a quarter of their donations during November and December. Make sure your organization take advantage by using these effective fundraising strategies. Share stories with potential donors: Create a […]

6 Qualities of an Effective Fundraiser

Being a good salesperson is at the heart of what it takes to be an effective fundraiser. Some people possess the qualities that go along with being an effective fundraiser and some do not. However, we believe that the qualities that can mean the difference from your fundraising campaign succeeding and falling behind in its […]

Fundraising Ideas for High school, Easy School and Elementary School

Are you looking for the best high school, easy school and elementary school fundraising ideas? Then immediately visit Scholars Discount Card as we are well known as the most popular and easy school fundraisers. By selecting a popular product to sell for a school fundraiser, you have more chances to raise money for your school […]

Good Sports Fundraising Ideas for School

Want to succeed with your school fundraising? Then you need to pick the right ideas! So here is the list of the best sports fundraising ideas for schools to use in this year! And definitely, these ideas will help you to raise more funds for you and your organization. Now we’re going to discuss briefly […]

Elementary and High School Fundraising Ideas

Raising money for your school can be quite challenging. Luckily, there a lot of options out there to ensure a successful fundraiser. Here are a few fundraising ideas not just to raisemore money,but also add fun to your school fundraising activity. As technology and the way we use ithas developed, utilizing a user-friendly online giving […]

7 Suggestions for Improving Your Listening Skills for Better Fundraising

In today’s high-tech, high-speed world where everyone seems to have their heads buried in their mobile device, it is still important to have good listening skills. This is doubly important if you are a fundraiser as you much reach out to people in person at some point. Here are 7 suggestions to help you develop […]

5 Fundraising Ideas for Teams

Is your school sports team in need of new uniforms or equipment? Do you need a way to fund team travel expenses? Are you at your wits end trying to figure out how to use the camaraderie you already have to raise funds? Well, if you are you have a problem that is common to […]

5 Ways to Thank Your Donors

“Hem your blessings with thankfulness so they don’t unravel.” ~ Author Unknown Fundraising is about more than just soliciting for and accepting donations. It is also about building relationships with your donors, the surrounding community and your volunteers. When it comes to donors, there is no better way to solidify your relationship with them than […]

Low Effort (and Low Cost) Fundraising Ideas

If your group or organization has been at the fundraising game for some time you know that overhead can be a bear. You know how involved or difficult fundraisers can be to manage. Yet, you also know how important certain causes are and that you must persist despite the challenges involved in fundraising. Because we […]