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3 Benefits of Fundraising with your Sports Team

Cheerleading, baseball, and football teams are just a few of the many sports that have team fundraisers as part of their kickoff for each season. Some teams choose to fundraise the first month, and others make it a season long practice. Here we will go over 3 benefits of fundraising as a team.    Friendly […]

Baseball Fundraising Tips and Fundraising Ideas

Youth baseball is great fun and an opportunity to teach your children life’s lessons.. It teaches children discipline and teamwork, keeps them physically fit, and is a great deal of fun. Baseball is one of Americans favorite pastimes. The hard truth is youth baseball can also be pretty expensive, especially if your son plays on […]

Youth Sports Fundraising Solutions

Top Ten Fundraising Tips For Sports Groups

We know how important fundraising is for sports groups like Cheerleading, Soccer, Baseball, Football, etc. Sport fundraising can be a real challenge to raise the funds you need for the team, Raising money for uniforms, equipment, tournaments, travel expense, and other expenses can feel overwhelming at times. We have years of experience in sports fundraising […]