Elementary and High School Fundraising Ideas

Raising money for your school can be quite challenging. Luckily, there a lot of options out there to ensure a successful fundraiser. Here are a few fundraising ideas not just to raisemore money,but also add fun to your school fundraising activity.

As technology and the way we use ithas developed, utilizing a user-friendly online giving form can be extremely helpful. Since these forms are hosted online, supporters can donate their amount wherever they are, in the most convenient time. So be sure to include these features in your online giving form such as:

Create Online Giving Form:

  • Fundraising thermometers
  • Your school’s logo and colors
  • Scratch Card School Fundraising Idea: Scratch cards are a new and fun fundraising trendthat helps you to reach your school fundraiser’s goal fast. You can approach your friends, other students, teachers, parents and ask them to scratch any 2 or 3 circles of their wish on the fundraising card. Ask them to donate the amount under the circles. The scratch card is a great fundraising idea in elementary school level.
  • Text to Give: Today, mobile phones are crucial in our everyday lives and we cannot imagine life without them! So why not take advantage of this with an easy school fundraising idea. Asking people to text donations from their phonesis an easy and efficient way to increase sales.thank you card
  • Movie Show: There is nothing better than watching a movie with our friends or family, right? With that being said, every student would love to donate a few dollars to get out of the classroom to watch a movie with their friends.
  • Have Fun Run: Organize a fun run or walk to fundraise for any sports team. You can encourage the participants to donate a small amount of money to support their local sports team. To add a little more fun to the event, arrange some snacks and music to encourage their run.
  • Talent Show: Encourage the students and teachers to showcase their talents by hosting a talent show. Sell tickets for family and friends to watch the show.
  • Introduce the Discount Card Fundraiser: A Discount Card Fundraiser is a great way to fundraise for your local elementary school. Any individual can buy these discount cards that are filled with coupons to local businesses. The deals offered on these cards should at least last for a year so that your school supports have more time to get the most out of their purchases.

These ideas are a fun and an effective way to raise the funds for elementary and high schools campaigns.

All the best for your fundraisers!

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