Examples of Businesses for your “You Do It” card

When you make the choice to participate in our “You Do It” program, you are committing to not only supporting your team or non-profit organization but also your local community. More than ever, we are able to understand the importance of going out and supporting local businesses that perhaps we had previously looked over in favor of convenience or perhaps we simply didn’t know they were there. With our “You Do It” program, you now have the opportunity to be able to bring more awareness to your favorite small businesses. Here are several examples of different businesses that you may be able to find in your city to support your discount card.


Local restaurants- The absolute first place you should look to secure merchants is a restaurant. With outdoor seating, take away and in some parts of the country even indoor dining options becoming available, consumers are flocking to local spots. Consider going to your favorite hole-in-the-wall restaurant and starting there. 


Nail salons- A business that has kept busy, nail salons are a favorite spot for a special day out. Not only are most nail salons independently owned and operated, they offer different services that would appeal to customers that are looking to potentially buy one of your discount cards. 


Chain restaurants- Of course we want to support local business more than ever, but getting a recognizable chain restaurant on your card encourages people to go out and use your discount card. Once they see the discount in action, they will be more likely to go out and try the other places that are on your discount card.


Boutique Shops- We love boutique shops not just because of their fun names, but because they offer items that are unique to the area you live in. Whether they sell clothes, jewelry, or a combination of several different item types, a boutique store is sure to get people excited about your discount card.

Any name that is on our brightly colored fundraiser cards is automatically going to gain recognition. People love supporting a good cause and our discount cards allow them to benefit over and over again. We are a great choice for high school fundraisers and look forward to seeing you and your team succeed in fundraising.

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