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5 Steps for Nonprofit Fundraising in the Age of Coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced massive changes in the way nonprofits across the country raise funds. While it may be tricky to convince donors that your cause still needs funds right now, it is essential that you do. So, how do you continue to engage anxious donors in these uncertain times? If you keep a […]

Things to do When You Haven’t Reached Your Fundraising Goal

It happens to the best of organizations. Whether it is by a little or a lot, there comes a time when a group falls short of its fundraising goal. And while this situation can be understandably discouraging, there are some things that fundraising leaders can do to huddle the troops together and make the most […]

Youth Sports Fundraising Solutions

Top Ten Fundraising Tips For Sports Groups

We know how important fundraising is for sports groups like Cheerleading, Soccer, Baseball, Football, etc. Sport fundraising can be a real challenge to raise the funds you need for the team, Raising money for uniforms, equipment, tournaments, travel expense, and other expenses can feel overwhelming at times. We have years of experience in sports fundraising […]