Fundraising Ideas for High school, Easy School and Elementary School

Are you looking for the best high school, easy school and elementary school fundraising ideas? Then immediately visit Scholars Discount Card as we are well known as the most popular and easy school fundraisers. By selecting a popular product to sell for a school fundraiser, you have more chances to raise money for your school than picking something that’s new and different.

We are going to discuss the 3 most popular fundraising options:

If you have spent your time researching for school fundraisers, then you may know that there are many different ways to earn more money for your school. So let’s have a glance at the three popular school fundraising options to see how they can benefit from your high school or elementary school.

There is no rule to stick to only one fundraiser!You can definitely hold more than one fundraiser. So if all these options seem like a great fit, consider hosting a few school fundraisers this year. The more fundraising your school does, the more money you can earn.

1. Easy chocolate bar fundraisers:

Chocolate bar fundraisers are always popular and are great options for school fundraising. In this type of fundraiser, your high school or elementary school will purchase cases of chocolate bars and other related snacks to sell for the students and community members. The initial investment is required where your school will need to purchase products before they start selling. The main thing you need to remember is once the chocolate bar is purchased cannot be returned.

To make this type of fundraiser a huge success your school needs to have an accurate idea of how much you can sell it. It is always better to order a few chocolate bars than to order more than you can sell. It is also important to get students involved.

2. Cookie Dough Fundraisers:

Cookie dough fundraiser is another easy fundraising option for elementary school or high school. In this type of fundraiser, you can add an option to the students to distribute the forms to sell tubs of pre-made cookie dough to neighbors, family, friends and the cookie dough is delivered to the purchasers. This is always a great seller because many people love indulging in warm baked cookies and even more when they are pre-made cookie dough pieces to make baking even easier!

If you choose to host a cookie dough fundraiser then make sure that you have a strong distribution plan from the beginning. The cookie dough should be kept in a refrigerator so it will need to be given out to purchasers quickly once it comes in. Enlisting for dough distribution is critical.

Things to be considered:

  • Should work with a reputable fundraising company
  • High quality and delicious cookie dough is to be produced
  • Purchasers should get delighted by their cookies
  • Cookies should be very delightful as the purchasers should visit your school in the future for your cookies.

Catalog Sales Fundraisers:

Catalog sales offer the most varied choices when it comes to high school or elementary school fundraising. There are various types of fundraising catalogs available and you will easily find a great fundraising choice for any season of the year. Usually, your school will be able to choose from gift wrap fundraisers, gourmet treats, holiday gifts, spring bulbs and more.

These fundraisers can offer a discount percentage on each sale to the school and often include a motivation plan for students. Family, friends and neighbors can use this fundraiser to buy unique products that they can’t find elsewhere without having to leave their home. This is a fun and convenient fundraising choice.

Things to be considered:

  • Make sure that you need to deliver it on time properly
  • It is important to ensure that your orders come in on time and everyone should receive the high-quality products that he or she order.
  • Timing is critical on a catalog fundraiser
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