How to get Parents More Involved in School Fundraising

We all know that parents are busy and have a lot of stresses in their lives. Work, family, social commitments can all compete for involvement in their children’s lives. We understand that. That said, one of the keys to a successful school fundraiser parental involvement. Parents can add much needed resources, energy and broader community involvement to school fundraisers. Therefore, if you want to get more parents involved in your school fundraiser, these tips will hopefully help you.

  • Get students excited: Parents are constantly looking for ways to become more involved in the lives of their children. Get students excited about your fundraiser and chances are parents will want to get involved so that they can bond with their children. One way to do this is to create teams and build friendly competition among students/parents.
  • Acknowledge their time constraints: As we said, parents have many demands on their time. Increase parental participation by being flexible as to when and how much time parents can contribute to your fundraising efforts.
  • Communicate to parents how the funds will be used: Parents are more likely to donate their time, effort and money when they know what the funds will be used for. In this you can lay out to them the importance of the fundraiser, your goals and how much effort and time it may take to accomplish these goals.
  • Spread the word: Sometimes lack of parental involvement all comes down to a breakdown in communication between the school/students and parents. In other words, parents often don’t even know that that a fundraising is even happening in the first place. Be sure that each child tells his/her parents that there will be a fundraiser. Also inform parents via emails, PTA meetings, parent teacher conferences, etc.
  • Keep it simple: Some parents fear that the tasks they will be given will be too time consuming and will interfere with the other demands in their lives. Give parent simple tasks such as preparing letters, drawing posters, sending emails, etc. Inform them that every bit of effort helps.parents

That’s it. Hopefully some of these tips will help increase parental involvement in your fundraiser. You can also make things easier for donors by using our fund raising discount card. School discount cards help businesses become involved in aiding your fundraiser. Sponsors, by seeing how easy these cards are to use, will be eager to contribute to the success of your fundraiser.

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