Low Effort (and Low Cost) Fundraising Ideas

If your group or organization has been at the fundraising game for some time you know that overhead can be a bear. You know how involved or difficult fundraisers can be to manage. Yet, you also know how important certain causes are and that you must persist despite the challenges involved in fundraising. Because we know how expensive and stressful fundraising can be, we present you with these easy and inexpensive ideas that you can implement immediately.

  • 50/50 raffle – With a 50/50 raffle winners get half the pot and the rest goes to your organization. These kinds of events work best when you organize a large event where people can contribute with the hope of possibly winning a prize. Simply go to a craft of party store and buy tickets, then sell them from between $1-$5 apiece.
  • Bring & Buy Sale – Again, this type of even usually works best when you have brought together a large gathering of people to contribute to your cause. Simply ask that attendees bring an item to sell and that they buy one before they leave. To raise further funds, you can ask that participants pay a small door fee to attend.
  • Fundraising school discount cards: These cards allow the carrier to get discounts on goods and services from participating merchants and since multiple sponsors can offer a discount on a single card, you are able to save money and grow support for both you and your business partner. fundraising cards
  • Spare a Dollar – Simply draft a letter that you will use as a template. In the letter, explain who you are, why you are raising funds and ask for a dollar from each contributor. This fundraising method is growing in popularity because there is very little overhead involved in the whole process.
  • Crowd funding – What list would be complete without including good old fashioned digital appeals. It is free to join any crowd funding platform and the only cost involved might be that of producing a video.

Again, these methods can help you reign in the cost of your fundraiser and help increase your profits. They are easy to implement and organize and fun for elementary school fundraisers and other kinds of campaigns. Just be sure as always to thank all those participating in your fundraiser including merchants, sponsors, contributors and volunteers. Good luck with your fundraising efforts.

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