More Ways to Use Social Media in Your Fundraising Efforts

Millions of people sat and watched breathlessly as a raccoon scaled a 25-story building in Minnesota last week. Well as interesting as this diversion was, it speaks to how powerful social media is. It has the power to hold the public’s attention and even call people to action under the right circumstances. This is why businesses big and small use it to reach current and potential customers. It is also why you would be remiss in not using this resource to your full advantage when raising money for your cause. Before on this blog we’ve talked about fundraising on social media as it relates to school groups. On this post, we’d like to address some specific social media strategies you can use to raise funds for your group.

  • Schedule your tweets: Even though social media is active 24/7, you do not have to send out tweets willy-nilly hoping that people will find your tweet, post, etc. Use one of several sites to schedule your tweets to go out at specific peak times.
  • Choose the right platform: This depends very much on the demographics of the group you are trying to reach. Snapchat, for example, is predominantly used by Gen Z and Millennials. Therefore, trying to reach baby-boomers via this platform would probably not be a good idea.
  • Add variety to your posts: Mix up your messages with videos, text and pictures. People respond positively to visual posts provided they are creative and captivating enough.
  • Use stats to fine tune your campaign: Most social media sites have metrics that are available for its users. This is especially true when someone is running a paid campaign. Use these stats to find out which ads are working and which ones are not.
  • Customize your message: If you are using different media channels, you should tailor your message to fit each audience. Don’t use a generic, cut-and-paste approach to different platforms. For Instagram, for example, you would obviously use pictures. For YouTube you should create and distribute video content etc.
  • Include a Call to Action: Add a sense of urgency and specific steps your reader should take. Ask followers to go to your site and do this or that. Calls to action could include phrases like “click here to donate”, “share this”, media

In the age of social media you have to think strategically. Social media is good at causing a stir at minor events such as the building climbing raccoon, but it can also be a powerful force for spreading important messages. If you have an elementary school fundraisers you are planning or any other event, you can use these tips to improve your campaign. You can also do so by providing people with one of our fundraising coupon cards.

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