5 Steps for Nonprofit Fundraising in the Age of Coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced massive changes in the way nonprofits across the country raise funds. While it may be tricky to convince donors that your cause still needs funds right now, it is essential that you do. So, how do you continue to engage anxious donors in these uncertain times? If you keep a cool head and incorporate these steps into your fundraising strategy, you’re all but guaranteed to come out ahead.

  • Stay calm and remain on course: Don’t retract during an economic crisis – adjust and most of all remain calm. If you stay on course and invest in your future fundraising efforts you will be better off than those organizations that have panicked and eliminated staff.
  • Convene your board virtually: Zoom and similar apps have experienced a huge uptick since COVID19 took hold in this country. Since you will still need to strategize and meet with your members, virtual meetings make perfect sense. Moreover, during your virtual meetings you can take the opportunity to ask board members for their suggestions and insights as you continue to keep your board engaged.
  • If you are in the midst of a capital campaign don’t stop: As we have said, try to stay on track during the current crisis. If you are in the middle of a campaign, it makes more sense to adjust than to stop raising funds completely. After all, a great number of resources must be used to plan and execute a fundraising campaign. If you stop midstream then you will be wasting the time and money spent by both your team and donors. 
  • Thank your donors: Let your donors and sponsors know that you appreciate the sacrifices they have made during this time. After all, expressing gratitude goes a long way. Go out of your way to pick up the phone, handwrite notes or email donors and sponsors when you can. 
  • Don’t make assumptions: Don’t assume that donors will simply not give at all. Some may not but others will realize the importance of your cause and continue to support you even if it is at a reduced level of funding. 

In short, consider how your beneficiaries have been impacted by the pandemic and how you can still support them. The above tips are just a few ways you can do so and keep your nonprofit afloat. We also recommend you use discount card fundraising for businesses that have reopened. Fundraiser cards are a great way to engage the public and sponsors at the same time. 

Ways to Keep Your Fundraising Team Motivated

Keeping your fundraiser team motivated and engaged will increase their value to your nonprofit over time. Moreover, your volunteers’ enthusiasm for what they are doing will transfer over to the very people you are hoping will donate to your cause. But how do you keep your fundraising staff motivated throughout the entire campaign? How do you inspire them to keep their drive when rejection is a normal part of fundraising? The following 7 tips will help keep your volunteers motivated day after day, week after week:

  • Respect your staff: Be understanding and remember that your staff is composed of human beings who have needs and feelings. Understand, for example, when one or more of them have failed to reached a specific daily or weekly goal. In these cases, be ready with words of encouragement. 
  • Hold regular meetings: Have regular meetings so that your fundraising goals and strategies remain clear for all team members. Holding meeting is also a great way to build camaraderie among your team and to measure the progress or your efforts. 
  • Celebrate their fundraising milestones: When individuals on your team or the team as a whole have achieved a given goal celebrate this accomplishment. Use this opportunity recognize certain high performers and to encourage and support those who are not performing optimally. 
  • Share tips from your best fundraisers: One way you can nurture fundraisers who are underperforming is to have your top fundraisers share with them their tips for success. 
  • Add fundraising incentives: It’s not unusual for fundraisers to hit a slump at some point. To help you when this happens, consider giving your volunteers extra incentives. This can range from gift cards, to coupons, to a trophy or even a badge. The important thing is to keep your volunteers excited by your campaign. 
  • Remind them of the cause: Make sure that your fundraising staff always keeps what they are trying to accomplish in sight. Donors and sponsors are not the only ones who may need to be reminded of how achieving your goal with help others. 
  • Communicate and listen to their feedback: Listen to what your staff/volunteers have to say. This is important for two reasons: First, your fundraisers may have valuable insights that could help your cause. Second, people who feel ignored will not want to work for you for long.

Motivating and engaging your fundraising staff can be easy. Remember that your volunteers want to make a difference and would not be supporting you if they did not believe in your cause. You can also motivate sponsors to help out with our fundraising card for high school fundraisers and other causes. You will also find inspiration and good fundraising ideas for school on our blog.   

Things to do When You Haven’t Reached Your Fundraising Goal

It happens to the best of organizations. Whether it is by a little or a lot, there comes a time when a group falls short of its fundraising goal. And while this situation can be understandably discouraging, there are some things that fundraising leaders can do to huddle the troops together and make the most of a less than ideal situation. Here are a few of those things: 

  • Accept that it’s happening: Know that it is not unusual for fundraising campaigns to fall short of their goal. Communicate to the people who supported your efforts, your gratitude and keep them apprised of your next steps. Also, give your team a pep talk since chances are they gave it their all.
  • Celebrate the success that you have achieved: Even if a fundraising has fallen short of its goals, it can still result in several positive things. First, it helps you to begin to form your donor base. Second, it helps you forge relationships with merchants, the public, the media, etc. Thus, when you do contact sponsors, the public, etc., do so in a positive tone that signals you will be moving forward.
  • Extend your campaign: One of the most logical things you can do when your campaign falls short is to extend it if you can. If you can extend your campaign, use the extra time to reassess why you may have fallen short up to this point.
  • Search for a donor match: Of course, some fundraising campaigns can’t be extended due to time constraints that involve the cause for which you are trying to raise money. If this is the case, try going to one of your existing donors and try to see if they can help you find someone to match what they’ve already given.
  • Reach out to your donors: Offer your donors the choice of getting their money back or giving more so that you can reach your goal. If you have not fallen short of your goal by much, they may opt to do the latter. In either case, be polite and straight forward. Explain to them that you have fallen short but remind them of why your cause is still worthy. People who believe in your cause will most likely be sympathetic.

That’s it. Hopefully some of these tips will help you cope when your fundraiser falls short of its goals. You can also make things easier for donors by using our fundraising discount card. School discount cards help businesses become involved in aiding your fundraiser. Sponsors, by seeing how easy these cards are to use, will be eager to contribute to the success of your fundraiser.  

6 Qualities of an Effective Fundraiser

Being a good salesperson is at the heart of what it takes to be an effective fundraiser. Some people possess the qualities that go along with being an effective fundraiser and some do not. However, we believe that the qualities that can mean the difference from your fundraising campaign succeeding and falling behind in its goals can be learned – by nearly everyone. So, with that bit of encouragement let’s look at the qualities a bit closer.

  • Effective communication skills: Fundraising requires that you are able to write well and that you are able to communicate with the public in person.
  • Tenacity: Let’s face it. Fundraising has its highs and lows. A good fundraiser must be able to shrug off rejection in the belief that the next contact will be fruitful and positive. In this, a good sense of humor can also is very helpful.
  • Dedication: Fundraising requires a personal commitment to the goals of the fundraising project. It takes someone who is willing to commit his/her time and effort knowing that each contact will not necessarily be receptive. Dedication is also an important quality to posses because it inspires other volunteers to do their best.
  • Ability to work with many types of people: If you want your fundraising efforts to bear fruit you must be willing to go wide. This means being able communicate with and relate to people from different backgrounds. One minute you may be communicating to a store owner about our fundraising coupon cards; the next moment you may be talking with a busy homemaker. Or you may be communicating with people from different age groups and ethnic backgrounds. Keep an open mind and try to be relatable to everyone in order to be effective.
  • Ability to motivate: Being an effective fundraiser requires you to dabble in a bit of psychology. You have to understand why people are motivated to donate to certain charities and be able to motivate people who may be less likely to do so. Here, your demeanor and communication skills are vitally important.
  • Good Listener: Active listening lets the speaker know that you value his/her time and his/her opinions. This makes your interaction with that person much more likely to be positive and productive. Of all the above skills, this one can definitely be learned. Try taking a class in communication in order to develop this quality.

These are just a few key traits that successful fundraisers have in common. Another key trait that successful fundraisers share is the ability to be creative with the ways they use to raise funds. One way you can help your organization raise funds is by promoting our fund raising discount card to local merchants. This way you can connect with local businesses and raise needed funds at the same time.

Fundraising Ideas for High school, Easy School and Elementary School

Are you looking for the best high school, easy school and elementary school fundraising ideas? Then immediately visit Scholars Discount Card as we are well known as the most popular and easy school fundraisers. By selecting a popular product to sell for a school fundraiser, you have more chances to raise money for your school than picking something that’s new and different.

We are going to discuss the 3 most popular fundraising options:

If you have spent your time researching for school fundraisers, then you may know that there are many different ways to earn more money for your school. So let’s have a glance at the three popular school fundraising options to see how they can benefit from your high school or elementary school.

There is no rule to stick to only one fundraiser!You can definitely hold more than one fundraiser. So if all these options seem like a great fit, consider hosting a few school fundraisers this year. The more fundraising your school does, the more money you can earn.

1. Easy chocolate bar fundraisers:

Chocolate bar fundraisers are always popular and are great options for school fundraising. In this type of fundraiser, your high school or elementary school will purchase cases of chocolate bars and other related snacks to sell for the students and community members. The initial investment is required where your school will need to purchase products before they start selling. The main thing you need to remember is once the chocolate bar is purchased cannot be returned.

To make this type of fundraiser a huge success your school needs to have an accurate idea of how much you can sell it. It is always better to order a few chocolate bars than to order more than you can sell. It is also important to get students involved.

2. Cookie Dough Fundraisers:

Cookie dough fundraiser is another easy fundraising option for elementary school or high school. In this type of fundraiser, you can add an option to the students to distribute the forms to sell tubs of pre-made cookie dough to neighbors, family, friends and the cookie dough is delivered to the purchasers. This is always a great seller because many people love indulging in warm baked cookies and even more when they are pre-made cookie dough pieces to make baking even easier!

If you choose to host a cookie dough fundraiser then make sure that you have a strong distribution plan from the beginning. The cookie dough should be kept in a refrigerator so it will need to be given out to purchasers quickly once it comes in. Enlisting for dough distribution is critical.

Things to be considered:

  • Should work with a reputable fundraising company
  • High quality and delicious cookie dough is to be produced
  • Purchasers should get delighted by their cookies
  • Cookies should be very delightful as the purchasers should visit your school in the future for your cookies.

Catalog Sales Fundraisers:

Catalog sales offer the most varied choices when it comes to high school or elementary school fundraising. There are various types of fundraising catalogs available and you will easily find a great fundraising choice for any season of the year. Usually, your school will be able to choose from gift wrap fundraisers, gourmet treats, holiday gifts, spring bulbs and more.

These fundraisers can offer a discount percentage on each sale to the school and often include a motivation plan for students. Family, friends and neighbors can use this fundraiser to buy unique products that they can’t find elsewhere without having to leave their home. This is a fun and convenient fundraising choice.

Things to be considered:

  • Make sure that you need to deliver it on time properly
  • It is important to ensure that your orders come in on time and everyone should receive the high-quality products that he or she order.
  • Timing is critical on a catalog fundraiser

Good Sports Fundraising Ideas for School

Want to succeed with your school fundraising? Then you need to pick the right ideas! So here is the list of the best sports fundraising ideas for schools to use in this year! And definitely, these ideas will help you to raise more funds for you and your organization. Now we’re going to discuss briefly good fundraising ideas for school and the best sports fundraising ideas.


The best way to boost fundraising for your school is to create intuitive, user-friendly online giving forms! This form is the simplest and quickest method of raising funds. Since these forms are hosted over the internet.

Make sure to incorporate some of these key features in your online giving form:

  • Mobile optimization.
  • Fundraising thermometers.
  • Gift suggestion buttons.
  • Your school’s logo and colors.


Every school has a special theme, colors, mascot, or other elements that make up your school’s identity. Help your students and their family members to show off their school spirit by selling merchandise to raise some money! Your school can sell merchandise at your school store or else even in your school fundraising events.

Your school can sell merchandise including:

  • School supplies like notebooks, pens, pencils, and erasers.
  • Novelty gifts like picture frames, mugs, and posters.
  • Backpacks and lunchboxes.
  • Fun “toys” for students like stickers, bracelets, and games.
  • Branded t-shirts that rep your school’s colors, mascot, and motto.


If you’re looking to raise more money for school or organization it would be a bit difficult. However, by adopting a collaborative as well as creative approach, you will find it easier to meet your targeted goals while also supporting your community. Just give your supporters the opportunity to take advantage of great deals by launching fundraiser discount and coupon cards. The fundraiser discount cards are a smart, cost-effective way to connect your organization with your community.


Sporting fundraising is so critical these days. Whether you are a sports player who wants to raise some money for your team, then it is very important to find good sports fundraiser ideas for the team that will help you collect funds for your favorite sports team. For that reason, I will explore three fundraising ideas that will surely work to reach your success.


Every sports fan love to wear labels with the name of their favorite team or player. So use sports sign t-shirts, socks, or pants, and sell them to collect money. In addition, you can also offer your sports team with some candies and other snacks with the name of the team on the package. This is an easy way to sell. Sports fans will always prefer to buy branded candy and snacks every time while they come to watch the game. In that way, you will collect a huge amount of money to help your team!


Rent an athlete is a leading fundraising idea which has proven to be very useful in raising money. Just create an event where people can hire their favorite sports team players to do some work for them or just to spend some time with them. They can pay a certain amount of money for spending the whole day with their favorite team players. In addition, this is the best way to easily collect a great amount of money for the team.


Another best way to raise money for the team is to host a charity auction, that means simply collect old sports equipment from the game and players, hire an auctioneer, gather the audience and finally sell the items. In that way, everybody will be satisfied with the sports equipment whereas your sports team will get rid of old things and raise a great amount of money.

Elementary and High School Fundraising Ideas

Raising money for your school can be quite challenging. Luckily, there a lot of options out there to ensure a successful fundraiser. Here are a few fundraising ideas not just to raisemore money,but also add fun to your school fundraising activity.

As technology and the way we use ithas developed, utilizing a user-friendly online giving form can be extremely helpful. Since these forms are hosted online, supporters can donate their amount wherever they are, in the most convenient time. So be sure to include these features in your online giving form such as:

Create Online Giving Form:

  • Fundraising thermometers
  • Your school’s logo and colors
  • Scratch Card School Fundraising Idea: Scratch cards are a new and fun fundraising trendthat helps you to reach your school fundraiser’s goal fast. You can approach your friends, other students, teachers, parents and ask them to scratch any 2 or 3 circles of their wish on the fundraising card. Ask them to donate the amount under the circles. The scratch card is a great fundraising idea in elementary school level.
  • Text to Give: Today, mobile phones are crucial in our everyday lives and we cannot imagine life without them! So why not take advantage of this with an easy school fundraising idea. Asking people to text donations from their phonesis an easy and efficient way to increase sales.thank you card
  • Movie Show: There is nothing better than watching a movie with our friends or family, right? With that being said, every student would love to donate a few dollars to get out of the classroom to watch a movie with their friends.
  • Have Fun Run: Organize a fun run or walk to fundraise for any sports team. You can encourage the participants to donate a small amount of money to support their local sports team. To add a little more fun to the event, arrange some snacks and music to encourage their run.
  • Talent Show: Encourage the students and teachers to showcase their talents by hosting a talent show. Sell tickets for family and friends to watch the show.
  • Introduce the Discount Card Fundraiser: A Discount Card Fundraiser is a great way to fundraise for your local elementary school. Any individual can buy these discount cards that are filled with coupons to local businesses. The deals offered on these cards should at least last for a year so that your school supports have more time to get the most out of their purchases.

These ideas are a fun and an effective way to raise the funds for elementary and high schools campaigns.

All the best for your fundraisers!

7 Suggestions for Improving Your Listening Skills for Better Fundraising

In today’s high-tech, high-speed world where everyone seems to have their heads buried in their mobile device, it is still important to have good listening skills. This is doubly important if you are a fundraiser as you much reach out to people in person at some point. Here are 7 suggestions to help you develop effective listening skills and improve your fundraising efforts.

  • Face the speaker and maintain eye contact: Eye contact is a basic ingredient of effective interpersonal communications. Therefore, make sure that the person you are listening to knows that you have their undivided attention as they speak. Further, think about how irritating you have found it to be in your own life when someone you are talking too seems distracted in some way.
  • Be attentive, but relaxed: Once you are focused on what the speaker has to say don’t go overboard. Be attentive but be loose and show that you comfortable in his/her presence.
  • Put yourself in their shoes: People always appreciate it when you demonstrate empathy. Imagine that you are in the speaker’s shoes and are attempting to get the same information across to a listener.
  • Practice active listening: Instead of thinking about the next thing that you are going to say while someone is speaking, practice active listening. That is, focus completely on what the other person is saying and not too much on what your response will be.
  • Listen to the tone of their voice: Vocal tone can tell a listener a great deal about what the speaker is thinking and what mood he/she is in. Moreover, a person can say one thing while their vocal tone indicates another.
  • Pay attention to their body language: Just as a person’s tone can tell you a great deal about what a person is thinking, so too can body language. In fact, many studies conclude that most communication is in the form of body gestures, movements, facial expressions, etc.fundraising
  • Ask open-ended questions: Open-ended questions are questions requiring more than a one word response. They are designed to promote longer, more thoughtful responses than close-ended questions. Asking the speaker open-ended questions lets he/she know that you are listening to and considering what they are saying.

If you go into every interaction with curiosity and genuine interest about what your potential donors/partners are saying these tips will help your fundraising enormously. You can give your school an even greater advantage by engaging in discount card fundraising. You can then use discount card fund raising to partner with merchants who are supportive of your cause and because you are a good listener will be more likely to help you.

5 Fundraising Ideas for Teams

Is your school sports team in need of new uniforms or equipment? Do you need a way to fund team travel expenses? Are you at your wits end trying to figure out how to use the camaraderie you already have to raise funds? Well, if you are you have a problem that is common to teams that are trying to raise money. Make a resolution in the New Year to come up with newer and more inventive ways to raise funds. Below are some ideas to get you off to the right start.

  • Fundraiser Discount Cards: Fundraising discount cards are an easy way to raise funds for your organization, give a shout out to sponsors and give back to the community. Few fundraising activities can claim to accomplish all three goals. Our school discount cards allow users to receive discounts on specific goods and services from participating sponsors. You design the cards and distribute them helping both your sponsors and your community. They are a win-win situation for all. fundraiser card
  • Hold a “Rent-an-Athlete” event: In addition to our fundraising cards, you can try hiring out individual ream members to do specific tasks for donors such as mowing lawns, cleaning gutters, babysitting and dog walking. You can charge by the hour or by tasks as long as you engage community members and remind them why you are raising funds.
  • Partner with a local restaurant: Most restaurants will gladly partner with sports teams to help them raise money. Simply contact the manager of the most popular restaurant in your community and ask if you can host a sports team fundraiser. Work on the details with the manager and then invite as many people there as you can to support you. Chances are you may even get a write up in the local newspaper.
  • Organize a Pitch-a-thon: One fun way to raise funds is for sports teams to hold a pitch-a-thon. Charge a nominal fee for people to pitch a ball to see how fast it will go (use a radar gun for this). The best thing about this is that you can use a baseball, soccer ball or even ride a bike so all kinds of teams can sponsor this kind of activity.
  • Create and sell calendars: The New Year is rapidly approaching and there are people who still have not gotten a 2019 calendar. Get someone who is good at taking pictures to create a calendar of the team players and sell this around the community.

The possibilities are really endless once you put your mind to it. Hold a brainstorming session with your team members to decide the best tactics to use in order to raise money.

5 Ways to Thank Your Donors

“Hem your blessings with thankfulness so they don’t unravel.” ~ Author Unknown

Fundraising is about more than just soliciting for and accepting donations. It is also about building relationships with your donors, the surrounding community and your volunteers. When it comes to donors, there is no better way to solidify your relationship with them than by expressing your gratitude for their support. After all, they had a wide range of causes they could have given to and they chose yours. So, what are some effective ways to thank donors? Here are 5 ways to recognize your donors.

  • Publicly thank them: You can do this from the pulpit, at groundbreaking ceremonies, banquets, or anywhere there is a large gathering of people. This not only lets donors know you appreciate them; it is also great PR for the business you are thanking.
  • Send a handwritten note: Handwritten letters really stand out in today’s digital age. They can show that you made a special effort to acknowledge your donors. Moreover, hand written letters are inexpensive and relatively easy to produce. Finally, sending a handwritten letter gives you the chance to update your donors on the status of their donation and the progress of your cause.
  • Reward them with a meal: Breaking bread with donors is excellent opportunity to get some face time with your supporters and foster the long lasting relationship we spoke of in the beginning of this post. Moreover, you can treat donors to a meal without it being very expensive. You can, for example, arrange to have a cozy and informal lunch with them.
  • Put a contributor section on your website: Let the world know what great people your donors are by placing a contributor’s section on your website. Add links to your fundraising site so that others can be guided to their site thus increasing their traffic as an added bonus for them.thank you card
  • Use the power of social media: Create a gift thanking your donors and supporters. This way your message of gratitude can circulate and been seen my thousands if not millions of people. Your donors will appreciate the thought and the attention they will receive for supporting so worthy a cause.

Discount card fundraising is the easy and effective way to raise funds for your school. Our fundraising coupon cards are decorative and practical items that can help schools raise money for cheerleading teams, sports teams, schools, churches and other non-profit organizations.