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About Scholars Discount Card: Fundraising for Non Profits and Charities


How Does Fundraising for Non Profits with Community Discount Cards Work?

The community discount card is a personalized, custom-designed, 2-for-1 discount card
that you sell to raise money for your non profit group. They’re called community
discount cards
because they entitle the bearer to generous daily discounts
on food and entertainment within its community — for a full year!

These beautiful community discount cards are constructed of the same high quality plastic used for credit
cards, sell for $10.00, are completely customized and feature a 4-color printing process to get the best quality look. Please take a look at our
community discount
card samples
to see why our artwork is #1 in the industry.

Highly Profitable Fundraising for Non Profits
and Charities with No Up-Front Investment

Our commitment is not to put any monetary burden on your school, team or
church. We want you to earn huge profits, period! We require no up-front
. We absorb 100% of printing costs, marketing materials and any additional operating expenses. We allow
three weeks after the delivery of your community discount cards before payment is due. We supply personalized instruction and proven marketing methods to ensure the success of your
non profit fundraising activities.

Win-Win-Win with our Community Discount Card Fundraising Programs

We know fundraising for non profits can sometimes be more work than fun. Scholars Discount Card will provide a simple and easy way to track
the success of your community discount card…and have fun while doing it! With a little work and a lot of fun, your
non profit fundraiser can make BIG BUCKS. Our community discount cards are a win-win-win situation.
You raise money for your non profit by enlisting local businesses to receive free advertising and increased patronage in exchange for exclusive savings, and the buyer
gets a beautiful community discount card that is good for an entire year.

2 Easy Non Profit Fundraising Programs to Choose From

With two non profit fundraising programs (You do it or We do it), now is the time to consider Scholars Discount Card for your upcoming

Thank you for taking the time to read about how fundraising for non profits
with discount cards works. We look forward to bringing community discount cards to your school or organization.

Scholars Discount Card specializes in fundraising for non profits.

Take your non profit fundraising ideas to the next level.

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