Spring Fundraising Tips: Get Ready to Plan Ahead

Spring Fundarising Ideas and Tips


Be Ready For the Spring Fundraising Season


We understand many of us just got through the holiday and winter Fundraising period and you feel like you could use a break. You have had your rest, and feel refreshed just in time to get your Spring Fundraising started. If you have not started your Spring Fundraiser it is time to get the ball rolling.


Like any good gardener will tell you it is time to get your bulbs in the ground before the first frost, or you will not enjoy any flowers when the spring weather arrives. This same approach applies to fundraising.  Spring is here and we are ready to kick off the Fundraising season.


We know you started  planning in your mind what needs to be done for your Spring Fundraiser, but here are some tips to help make your Spring Fundraiser a great success.


Know-the-date: Once your fundraising event or sale is planned, make sure your volunteers and participants know to put in on their calendar early. During this time of year early spring plans get overlooked because they are other life events going on. Get it on the family calendar. The next important step is to make sure you send your reminders via email, social media, and other channels to get your message out. Every chance you get give a spoken reminder during meetings and other casual conversations you have with your team and other volunteers.


Choose your committee: Make sure your team is in place in advance. Have a kickoff meeting, and perhaps even a holiday social celebration. This ensures everyone is ready to hit the ground running when the calendar page turns.


Choose fundraising theme and products now: Make sure you choose your fundraising theme and products in advance. Fundraising companies need to plan in advance and so you make sure they have you on their calendar and are prepared to help you. Some groups decide their spring programs at the beginning of the school year, some during Holiday break. Make sure you give yourself enough time so you’re not running around at the last minute. Even if you have not made a decision early some companies like Scholar Discount Card can help you the ball rolling quickly.


Start Promoting Your Fundraising Event Early: Get the word out early to your teachers, parents, coaches, fellow church members and the community. This way we can begin to get them excited early and be prepared when the Fundraising begins. Use multiple channels of communication to convey your message to as many people as you like.


Promote and publicize the great incentives your spring fundraiser will have: Once you decide what the incentives are, you need to get out to spread the word. Make sure you create excitement prior to your kick off, start as quickly as possible. Take the time and effort   into what great incentives you will offer.  Think outside the box and get creative. You want to get people motivated early and often. Start spreading the word to everyone (Plus the people they know) who is taken part in the Fundraiser! So promote your message as early as possible.

 Fundraising ideas for schools

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