Things to do When You Haven’t Reached Your Fundraising Goal

It happens to the best of organizations. Whether it is by a little or a lot, there comes a time when a group falls short of its fundraising goal. And while this situation can be understandably discouraging, there are some things that fundraising leaders can do to huddle the troops together and make the most of a less than ideal situation. Here are a few of those things: 

  • Accept that it’s happening: Know that it is not unusual for fundraising campaigns to fall short of their goal. Communicate to the people who supported your efforts, your gratitude and keep them apprised of your next steps. Also, give your team a pep talk since chances are they gave it their all.
  • Celebrate the success that you have achieved: Even if a fundraising has fallen short of its goals, it can still result in several positive things. First, it helps you to begin to form your donor base. Second, it helps you forge relationships with merchants, the public, the media, etc. Thus, when you do contact sponsors, the public, etc., do so in a positive tone that signals you will be moving forward.
  • Extend your campaign: One of the most logical things you can do when your campaign falls short is to extend it if you can. If you can extend your campaign, use the extra time to reassess why you may have fallen short up to this point.
  • Search for a donor match: Of course, some fundraising campaigns can’t be extended due to time constraints that involve the cause for which you are trying to raise money. If this is the case, try going to one of your existing donors and try to see if they can help you find someone to match what they’ve already given.
  • Reach out to your donors: Offer your donors the choice of getting their money back or giving more so that you can reach your goal. If you have not fallen short of your goal by much, they may opt to do the latter. In either case, be polite and straight forward. Explain to them that you have fallen short but remind them of why your cause is still worthy. People who believe in your cause will most likely be sympathetic.

That’s it. Hopefully some of these tips will help you cope when your fundraiser falls short of its goals. You can also make things easier for donors by using our fundraising discount card. School discount cards help businesses become involved in aiding your fundraiser. Sponsors, by seeing how easy these cards are to use, will be eager to contribute to the success of your fundraiser.  

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