Tips for Securing a Sponsor for your Fundraiser

Fundraising events are an excellent way to bring attention to and raise money for a cause. However, as anyone who has ever held one knows, they can be somewhat expensive to produce. This is where sponsors come into it. The right sponsors can help you to significantly deal with the hard-costs required to produce an event of any kind. But what are some of the best ways to secure quality sponsors for your event? We’ve created 7 tips for soliciting sponsorships for your fundraiser

  • Design an up-to-date, attractive website: Make sure that you website contains all the information about your cause that a potential sponsor may wish to know as well as photos, videos and other attractive content. Also, be sure that the site loads quickly, is mobile friendly and is easy to navigate.
  • Do your research: Research who similar charities/causes are using as sponsors and then solicit those kinds of companies.
  • Create customized pitches: Prepare your pitch to sponsors based on each company’s specific needs.
  • Leverage your media coverage: Many companies will be eager to sponsor your event if it is covered by local or national media. Be sure to point out to potential sponsors your media sponsors during your pitch. Doing so creates good PR for their brand.
  • Have active social media accounts: All successful companies realize the importance of social media and how it can increase their presence. Use your social media account to solicit sponsor and to inform them of your goals.
  • Don’t take “no” for a final answer: Be persistent in pitching your charity’s merits. If you are refused at first try to find out how you may have gone wrong. Ask questions such as whether you provided all the information the sponsor may need to know about your cause.
  • Manage sponsorship relationships: Once you have secured a sponsor, do not take them for granted. Treat each sponsor well as they can make or break your event. Also, assign someone whose job it is to reach out to your sponsor on a regular basis.fundraiser

Yes, sponsors are the unsung heroes of charitable events. Without them many charities would do poorly. Be creative and persistent when seeking out this all-important part of any successful event. Use fundraising coupon cards to make it easier for donors and school discount cards as well to supplement the aid that you will receive from carefully chosen sponsors. Your charity will be much more successful for it.

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