Unexpected Ways Students Benefit from Fundraising

The main goal of any school fundraiser is to generate revenues for some worthwhile cause. However, fundraisers also have ancillary benefits that even fundraisers may not fully be aware of. Apart from raising funds for sports teams, bands, cheerleaders, school trips or even to pay for new structures and buildings to expand the school’s compound, fundraisers can also help to develop a child’s character. Specifically, here are some benefits students derive from the very act of fundraising itself.

  • Students learn the value of teamwork: Students learn to coordinate their efforts with others during successful fundraisers. They learn to perform in roles that call upon them to be both leaders and subordinates. This is a lesson that will serve them well later in life.
  • Students develop their selling skills: Fundraisers give students a crash course in selling and marketing which have many applications in the real world. Later in life, they will have to market themselves to get jobs, an apartment, a loan, etc.
  • Students learn to set goals: Fundraisers give students a real world opportunity to learn about goal-setting and long-range planning. These skills will be useful throughout their entire lives as they use them to balance budgets, plan their children’s future, etc.
  • Instills in them the importance of community and charity: Students learn through their fundraising efforts the value of helping others. They also learn the value of bringing the community together for a common cause.
  • Students learn to be more creative: Students who engage in fundraising for a school project begin to see school as more than a boring place they gather in order to learn things. They come to see it as a fun environment in which their efforts can affect all kinds of change.students
  • Improve their academic skills: Math, communication, spelling, writing, and other language-oriented tasks are all a part of successful fundraising. These skills are taught by stealth to students involved in fundraisers whether they are aware of it or not.

So you see fundraisers benefit not just specific causes and the community at large, they also help students develop skills they will use throughout life. Even easy school fundraisers teach student many of the above skills. We can help students promote their fundraiser with our PTA fundraising discount cards. They are simple, attractive and can help you achieve any goal.

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