Ways to Keep Your Fundraising Team Motivated

Keeping your fundraiser team motivated and engaged will increase their value to your nonprofit over time. Moreover, your volunteers’ enthusiasm for what they are doing will transfer over to the very people you are hoping will donate to your cause. But how do you keep your fundraising staff motivated throughout the entire campaign? How do you inspire them to keep their drive when rejection is a normal part of fundraising? The following 7 tips will help keep your volunteers motivated day after day, week after week:

  • Respect your staff: Be understanding and remember that your staff is composed of human beings who have needs and feelings. Understand, for example, when one or more of them have failed to reached a specific daily or weekly goal. In these cases, be ready with words of encouragement. 
  • Hold regular meetings: Have regular meetings so that your fundraising goals and strategies remain clear for all team members. Holding meeting is also a great way to build camaraderie among your team and to measure the progress or your efforts. 
  • Celebrate their fundraising milestones: When individuals on your team or the team as a whole have achieved a given goal celebrate this accomplishment. Use this opportunity recognize certain high performers and to encourage and support those who are not performing optimally. 
  • Share tips from your best fundraisers: One way you can nurture fundraisers who are underperforming is to have your top fundraisers share with them their tips for success. 
  • Add fundraising incentives: It’s not unusual for fundraisers to hit a slump at some point. To help you when this happens, consider giving your volunteers extra incentives. This can range from gift cards, to coupons, to a trophy or even a badge. The important thing is to keep your volunteers excited by your campaign. 
  • Remind them of the cause: Make sure that your fundraising staff always keeps what they are trying to accomplish in sight. Donors and sponsors are not the only ones who may need to be reminded of how achieving your goal with help others. 
  • Communicate and listen to their feedback: Listen to what your staff/volunteers have to say. This is important for two reasons: First, your fundraisers may have valuable insights that could help your cause. Second, people who feel ignored will not want to work for you for long.

Motivating and engaging your fundraising staff can be easy. Remember that your volunteers want to make a difference and would not be supporting you if they did not believe in your cause. You can also motivate sponsors to help out with our fundraising card for high school fundraisers and other causes. You will also find inspiration and good fundraising ideas for school on our blog.   

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