Why you should continue to fundraise during the pandemic

It is almost the one year anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic that took the world by storm. Schools were shut down as teachers figured out how to teach online, sports and after school programs were shut down, and small businesses had to close their doors, unsure of when they would be able to reopen. 

Although the pandemic has certainly changed our “normal” we can look ahead to see how it will have shaped us into more grateful, educated, and globally aware citizens. Perhaps one of the biggest positives that has come out of the pandemic is of the awareness of small businesses and the impact they have on our communities. Discount card fundraisers like ours, focus on giving back to the community through spreading awareness not just for local businesses, but for events and groups that are within our local community. 

The way we fundraise may have changed, no longer door to door or asking parents to bring them to work, but it is still important to bring attention to the groups in our areas who are spreading positivity and light through supportive measures. Just because the pandemic has taken the slot for the top story on the news does not mean that there are no other groups who need support, many of whom were in need prior to the pandemic. 

When asking for support during these times, make sure to communicate with a good story that shows not only the intention behind your asking but also how their monetary support will bring something wonderful to the community you share. Your pitch should be simple, organized and you should be prepared to answer any questions they may ask about your organization. Should they choose to support you, remember to say thank you and invite them to maybe visit your website where they can see what you do with the money you receive from fundraising. 

Finding good school fundraising ideas is made easy with our discount cards. We focus on using our small business to support other small businesses within the community. 

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