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We'll match any competitor's price on 4-color process printed fundraiser cards.


  • 100 cards free for every 500 purchased
  • $100 cash for every 500 cards purchased
  • 2 free cards for each participating merchant

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YOU DO IT Fundraiser Card Program

Program Features

  • Earn up to 90% profit!
  • You solicit your 12 to 20 local merchants & sponsors.
  • You offer complimentary advertising to local merchants & sponsors.
  • You negotiate offers.

We supply your group with all the materials needed for your fundraising campaign:

Getting the Most Out of Your Fundraiser Card Program

Do you find other schools, teams and organizations in your area using fundraiser cards for their fundraising campaign? JUST THINK - you can sign up the same merchants (possibly with new, exclusive offers) as the other fundraiser cards in your area, add new merchants to your fundraiser card and put together a comprehensive fundraising campaign in a matter of days! With no-cost advertising, merchants in your area often enjoy participating to lend their support to local schools, teams and other organizations. Recruiting merchants is essential, but very simple if you break things down.


  • 10 members of your group need to sign up 2 merchants each to garner a total of 20 merchants.
  • 5 members sign up 3 merchants each for a total of 15 merchants.

Fundraiser Cards are just that EASY!!

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